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“One Thing I Can Do,” 2nd Story: Listen, podcast of live performance (9/14 at Peckish Pig) followed by clips from an interview with Ozzie Totten, 1/15

“Granny’s Leathers,” 2nd Story Live Podcast, 7/08


“Houndstooth Cannibal,” Chicago Literati, Halloween Issue

“The Noctis Equi,” Cafe Irreal

“Two Tickets” — novel excerpt, Blithe House Quarterly

“In the Land Where the Lost Are Found,” The 2nd Hand (archives)


“The Thinning Veil,” Hyacinth Noir

“Writing Blindly,” Hypertext


“March on Washington, 1987,” Windy City Times (Pride Literary Supplement)

Additional Blogging

Hypertext blog, Write Like Hell Project

 Print (Includes Inactive Online Links)


Briefly Knocked Unconscious by a Low-Flying Duck, “Why I Hate Strawberries” — available now (print)

Windy City Queer: LGBTQ Dispatches from the Third Coast, “Darla Speeding” — available now (print)

Periodicals — Fiction

“Into the Pit,” MAKE, Issue #15 Misfits, August 2014

“Montrose Minotaur,” Half Nelson Press,  Spring 2011

“Just Down Route 30,”, August 31, 2010

“Darkness, then Light” (reprint), Gertrude: A Journal of Voice and Vision, May 18, 2010

“Johnny Leaves Aghast,” Criminal Class Press, June 12, 2010

“Buying Art on the Disney Cruise” (reprint),, April 9, 2010

“Buying Art on the Disney Cruise,”, February 15, 2010

“Sergei the Creeple,”, February 12, 2010

“De-Hyst,”, February 10, 2010

“Some Buddies”– novel excerpt, F Magazine, September 2009: 36-51

“Darkness, then Light,”, September 22, 2009

“Blown at the Pride Parade (bitsy club version),” Windy City Times—Pride Literary Supplement, June 24, 2009: 32

“Red String Theory,” Susurrus, <; (defunct website), March 2008

“Waiting at One End of Time,” Zahir: Unforgettable Tales: A Journal of Speculative Fiction No. 12, Spring 2007: 33

“A Temple Massage,” Outsider Ink (Artist Spotlight), <; (defunct website), October 2006

“Ships & Subs” (reprint), Velvet Mafia, No. 20 “Burn This,” <; (defunct website), May 2006

“The Public Restroom Incident” (reprint), Gertrude: A Journal of Voice and Vision. 2004: 13-19

“The X-ray Man,” Pigeon, Issue 1, January 2004: 5-7

“Jonah,” Blue: Literature by, for, and about the Working Class, Issue 001, December 2003: 47-57

“Proverbs for the Damned,” The2ndHand, Issue 11, Fall 2003

“The Public Restroom Incident” (reprint), Mobius: A Journal for Social Change, Vol. 14, No. 4, Fall 2003: 5-8

“Mad Hettie” (reprint), Velvet Mafia, No. 8 “Deviate or Die,”<; (defunct website), August 2003

“How Fithian Rankin from the Surveying Crew Discovered that Biddy Stintson Lives Alone and Has No One to Talk to,” Blue: Literature by, for, and about the Working Class (defunct website), October 2002

“The Public Restroom Incident,” Sleepwalk, Vol. 2, No. 1, May 2002: 10-11

“Mad Hettie,” Hair Trigger, No. 24, 2002: 125-133

“The Christening” (reprint), Dyversity, August 2001: 20-28

“Ships and Subs,” Hair Trigger, No. 23, 2001: 234-241

“The Christening,” Hair Trigger, No. 22, 2000: 273-285

“It’s a Dog’s Life,” International Drummer, No. 208, December 1997: 58-63

“Getting Fucked,” Bad Attitude, Vol. 11, No. 1, September 1997: 13-15

“Domino,” Little America, No.18, Spring 1989: 28-30

Periodicals — Nonfiction

“Interactive Storytelling,” Fictionary, March 2003

“Given Appropriate Subject Matter,” Word Volleys: The Quarterly Newsletter of the Story Workshop® Institute, Vol. 2, No. 3, April 2002: 1, 3

“Dorothy Allison: A Few Sound Bites on Process,” Fictionary, September 2001

“Basic Fire Cupping for Pleasure: An Ancient Therapy Brought Up to Date,” Sandmutopia Guardian, #32, 1998: 18-23

Periodicals — Poetry

“March on Washington, 1987,” Windy City Times—Pride Literary Supplement, 6/04

“Hatfield’s Somnabulquy” (reprint), Poetic Voices, <> (defunct website), 11/02

“Hatfield’s Somnabulquy,” Hair Trigger, No. 24, 2002: 1-2

“Prelude to Drunken Intercourse,” Loop Hole, April 2002: 2

“Response to an Epithet,” Loop Hole, April 2002: 31

“House of Cronos,” Little America, No. 19, Spring 1990:  50


“Episode One: BDSM,” General Admission, <; (defunct link), 6/13

“Deb and Gail,” Rainbow Roots Project Documentary first screening, Cole’s, Chicago, IL, 4/12

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